Posted by: Chris Hoskins | September 9, 2008

Hello world!

Well Hello World!!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for I don’t know how many years now! I’ve always wanted a place to share my thoughts and have other know what i’m thinking, something I don’t do very well in face to face contact!

I’m just back from the Church of Scotland National Youth Assembly 2008 (NYA2008). This was the 6th Youth Assembly I’ve been too since 2000 when I first went. It was through this event that I came to realise the amazing truth of the Christian message. Since then, I’ve gone through many changes in my character and personality.

8 years ago, I was a shy, unconfident bullied 16 year old. Since making the decision to follow Jesus I’ve come to realise that I am worth something, that I do have a purpose on this planet. and it’s all because I listened and let God into my life.

I’m not wanting to use this blog to preach at people, I just thought a wee bit of background knowledge to some of my story would help understanding a wee bit of where I’m coming from with what I’m saying. I’m sure more of who I am and why will be uncovered as I blog!

Anyway, going to leave it there for the time being, will be back on tomorrow to talk a wee bit about the weekend just passed.

peace out



  1. Hey mate, nice start to your blog. I am not sure what a blog actually is but i am slowly learning!!! I would really like your thoughts on this years NYA. I didnt really have a good one and didnt seem myself this year, which Tracey noticed too, but would really like your insight into the event and how you feel it went as a whole

    Calum 🙂

  2. hey dude,

    it will be good to hear ur thoughts etc, ‘peace out’ lovin it – such a youth worker lol


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