Posted by: Chris Hoskins | October 11, 2008

Wierd World

It’s been a wierd week.

Burying Iona at the start of the week (see previous post), beginning to deal with the emotions and thoughts that have come out of that whole crappy stiuation, dealing with some of the practical issues that needed dealt with, seeing friends and family, thinking of Andy Simpson, I guy I used to be really friendly with who died just over a week ago and was buried on Thursday. And on top of all of that my inlaws have been having their house redecorated so we haven’t been able to hang out there during the day, so we’ve spent most days finding places to go or finding friends to visit!

Everyone’s still hurting over Iona, obviously, but its wierd seeing the world continue on regardless. I know it may sound stupid, but a lot of us find it strange that the whole world isn’t crying for Iona. Know what I mean? Jonnie and Susie are still being remarkably strong. Sure, they have crap days, but they seem to hold themselves together really well. Especially seeing as its Jonnie’s sisters wedding tomorrow and his side of the family is trying to deal with all the emotions of Iona dying and all the emotions of an upcoming family wedding, must be a wierd paradox to be in. I feel a lot closer to everyone in the family through all of this, I suppose thats a good sign! We’ve all seen sides to each other that we haven’t before, and we’ve come out the other side stronger as a family. Thats the way I see it anyway!

I had a really good afternoon with Jonnie yesterday. We went into Teviot (part of the Edinburgh Uni Student Union for all you heathens!) and played pool for a couple of hours, then wandered about trying to find jeans that we liked! (A futile search…). While we were doing that, Andrew (Linda’s Dad) treated his women (Ann, Susie and Linda) to some beauty treatments to pamper and relax them. We’ve spent a lot of time this week at the B&B I lived at for my final year of Uni. Jan and Alan, the owners, are lovely people, they both have a wicked sense of humor and are just awesome! They also have an awesome black lab called ‘Bramble’ who I love and who loves me (because I like to throw balls for her to chase!). Spending time with them was ace, they’re house has such a lovely atmosphere to it.

We’re heading back up to Aberdeen tomorrow, we don’t really want to leave, but we know we have to get back to our lives. It’ll be hard being so far away from everyone again. But we still have one day left, so we’re going to enjoy that!

I was helping Andrew put new plug sockets and light switches in today. We did it the proper, safe way, taking care to rewire everything properly. Until I came across some dodgy wiring. It all looked fine, except that it gave me an electric shock and burned and blistered my finger, despite the electricity having been shut off for over an hour! That was a joyous moment, i’m just glad I had rubber soled shoes on and that I only brushed it for half a second!

Like I said, it’s been a wierd week. Still feeling really sad about Iona, but all this other stuff happening at the same time. I feel like I’m all over the place, I can’t even imagine whats going on inside Susie and Jonnies heads. Andrew got a Nintendo Wii for his 50th last friday, thats been a welcome distraction for us all. Jonnie, Andrew and I have great fun with the golf. At least, Andrew did until he hurt his leg and can’t really stand to play the Wii for the next wee while.

Feel like I’m rambling a bit now!

Peace out



  1. Chris,
    one of the hardest things to get your head around is that despite what is going on in our lives – the world does continue regardless. But rather than finding this upsetting, perhaps it is a comfort. You may feel that life is crap right now and that you wish the world would just stop spinning until you are ready to hop back on, but this will pass. And being part of normality again doesnt mean your feelings for Iona are any less.

    If you want a blether give me a shout – I am sure I can fit coffee into my ‘busy’ schedule.

    Been thinking about you all loads

  2. Heyy x

    Still thinking of you and your family!
    Andy Simpson was an amazing guy! He is with his mum now.

  3. ouch for your finger!

    still thinking of you all.xx

  4. Hi Chris,

    I know I haven’t seen yo since graduation but I just wanted to offer my condolences. My heart goes out to Jonnie and Susy and to all the family xxxxxx

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