Posted by: Chris Hoskins | November 10, 2008

Moving On?

Well, its been a whole month since i last ventured on here, not because I had nothing to say, i just didn’t know what to say.

I’ve though of loads of things to say and talk about on here, but it just didn’t feel right. I wrote so much about Iona on here, it felt wierd to think about writing anything else.

We still miss Iona, that’ll never go away, I honestly don’t know how Jonnie and Susie are coping being back in Inverness, I’d hate to be so far from family and old friends after going through what they’ve been through.

I guess i just needed to come back on here and write sometihng to break that barrier, I won’t forget Iona, ever, I can’t. She’s been such a huge part of this year for the family. Check that, she’s been such a huge part of this family. period.


  1. Chris, it’s so lovely to see you back here, I’ve missed you! Talk about whatever you want, but don’t feel that you are expected to move on and forget Iona, she will always be a part of your life and we will always be praying for you all xxx

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