Posted by: Chris Hoskins | November 17, 2008


Yep, I’m lonely, at least I will be for the next 18 hours or so. Linda’s away to New York with uni for the week. Although, I’m away to Israel for a week as of Thursday, so I can’t really complain! I’m off down to Edinburgh tomorrow though for meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow throughout the start of the week.

I’m expecting Israel to be awesome. I have no doubts it’ll be a life changing experience. But you’ll plenty about that once I get back!

Got a few things I want to get off ma chest before i head off to Israel on Thursday. Firslty, the observant amongst you will notice the wee RSS feed at the side of this post. This is a link to my new blog , no, I’m not discontinuing this blog. My new blog is dedicated to blogging about ministry, youth ministry in particular. It’ll still come up here, but I’d rather have space dedicated to it rather than have my ministry musings mixed up in amongst everything else. Even though thats the natural state from where they come, it helps me to keep them “clear” of my other muddles.

The second thing is an apology to many of you! Since Linda and I came to Aberdeen we’ve struggled to meet and connect with others our age, maybe even others in general. Linda’s very close to her family and I was very close to many friends. all of whom are in the central belt. this has le to us feeling a wee bit lonely and sorry for ourselves at times. My way of dealing with this has been to bury myself away and as a result i’ve been quite pants at keeping in touch! i’m only realising recently that this has been my reaction. So my profuse apologies to anyone I’ve lessened contact with, it’s really nothing personal, I just haven’t dealt with things the best I could have! I aim to change that now I’ve realised my reactions though!

I’m currently researching my next essay for uni. It’s based around the theme of “groups” or more specifically. “How can blogging and social networking technology such as facebook and twitter aid groups of youth minstry practitioners build a sharing and support network”. i’m quite excited about it, should be fun to research and write!

I took some of the Portlethen Youth group to Souled Out tonight. Was an awesome event. Origin were leading the praise, a mixture of new and old, all with their own individual twist to them. The young folks weren’t crazy about the speakers (a timing issue, not a content one). But they loved the music style. they all said i can quote them as saying that they would much rather that style on a sunday morning!

Reckoned I’ve rambled enough for just now, i’m sure i’ll be back on before thursday though!

Peace Out



  1. Hi Chris. I’ll bring a list of links on Wednesday to help with your essay!

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