Posted by: Chris Hoskins | November 18, 2008

Adventure Ahead!!!

So tonights the last internet access I expect to have until Friday 29th November. I’ll still be able to text updates to facebook and twitter, so keep an eye on what the 12 of us are upto on there. I can’t wait for this trip, it’s gonna be so awesome, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of blogging material after it!

Linda seems to be getting on well in NYC, she was a wee bit apprehensive at first, but she’s definetly getting into it, she was enjoying hot pretzels in the Rockefeller centre the last I heard…..

I’ve had a pretty good 2 days. Got lots of reading and thinking done, some of the results can be found on my ministry blog. Was through in Falkirk today meeting my Mum and my good buddy Yin for lunch. Also bumped into a few old high school friends and was reminded why I didn’t really miss Falkirk( the 2 are not connected!).

I’ve been doing a lot of rethinking recently about my priorities and my character I’m just not who I’d like to be. So I’ve decided to work on building my character. Don’t ask me how,I don’t know exactly. One thing I really want to change, is to become a stronger person in debates/hard conversation/meetings. Too often Ilet my self be intimidated by other who seem to be confident. I need to believe that I have good, valid things to say too. I think I care too much about how others percive me and how much they like me. I don’t give them, or me, enough credit to trust that people will still like me even if I do disagree with them…..

It’ll be interesting to see how Israel changes my thinking and my perspective…..definetly exciting times ahead!!!!

Peace Out

Se you in 10 days


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