Posted by: Chris Hoskins | December 4, 2008

Death of blogging?

Read this interesting article today, courtesy of ripkungler on twitter.

Is blogging dead just because its become mainstream? I doubt it! It’s maybe not as elite as it once was, but I would argue that the fact its becoming mainstream, becoming more popular, shows growth, not death! I didn’t start blogging until September this year and since I’ve started I’ve noticed more and more of my friends start blogging and discovered even more that already did!

So yeah, maybe it has become less elitist and more mainstream, but why is that a bad thing? Why should such a valuable online tool be utilised by only a few?

Keep blogging people!

Peace out



  1. The brother of a friend of ours has been blogging for years – but he also sends his weekly blog out by email. He writes in semi doric and it is always so funny. When he first started I thought he should approach the papers for a colum, it is that good. And when I read other people’s blogs I see so much wonderful writing and find so much inspiration. I say long live blogging!!!

  2. Also found this through the beauty of wordpresses automatically generated possibly related blog posts:

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