Posted by: Chris Hoskins | December 4, 2008

Scottish Youth Ministry Network: SYMN

So, I’m not long back from my trip to Israel and Palestine, let me tell you, that trip was awesome!! But i’m still processing most of what happened on that trip, once I’m a little further along that process I’ll start blogging about it!

Just now, I want to blog about something new and exciting in the world of Scottish Youth Ministry. A new online network has been set up called : Scottish Youth Ministry. It’s a network hosted by ning, set up by Stewart Cutler and dreamt up in a series of conversations between myself, Stewart, Neil Pratt and Jonnie Fraser. Basically, the dream started as a perceived need for a blogging network between Scottish Youth Ministry practitioners for sharing resources and providing support. This eventually evolved into the ning network where you can do all of that plus start and join discussions, share videos/photos, share event dates, network with youth ministry people from all over Scotland, join groups of likeminded individuals and share relevant blog posts. Its an awesome thing, and I’m doubly happy about it because a) something I helped dream up has actually become a reality! b) It’s a much needed resource in the Scottish Youth Ministry sector and c) my 3500 word small scale research project is all about it!

So join us, enjoy, its more than worthwhile! You don’t have to be a full time youth worker/minister to join, we want anyone and everyone involved in youth ministry in any way to join us and to sow and reap the benefits!

Peace out


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