Posted by: Chris Hoskins | December 26, 2008


Hope all of you had a good Christmas. I certainly had a very enjoyble day, from being woken at 8am by Linda’s excited parents, to an awesome dinner where I ate loads, to trying out my new Gorilla Tripod. We were notciably absent from any sort of Church activity :-/ I’m ny required to do much in Portlethen services, and Linda’s parents Church had no Christmas day service. So the only service we were at was the 8pm at Penicuik North Kirk, the Church Jonnie’s Dad is minister at. It was a really good service, lovely songs and readings, I found myself thinking back to my experiences in Israel alot. Wondering wat things were like for the people we met in the unreconized villages, in Bethlehem, what it would be like to be in a country where the majority of the population don’t celebrate or care about Christmas…mostly I wondered about the people we saw/met/heard of that would celebrate today for Jesus, and Jesus alone, because they don’t really have much else. I found myself thinking that, in many ways, they must have a much more authentic experience/vew of Christmas than those of us in the west, they don’t have as many consumeristic trappings vying for their attention at this time of year, there seems to be so much more space and time made for the worship aspect of Christmas. Maybe thats just something I need to work on and not the whole western world! Jonnie’s Dad kicked of all these thoughts with his talk, he was speaking about how so many of us fall into the trap of celebrating Christmas without really remembering Jesus…quite thought provoking.
It was a wierd Christmas, family wise. It didn’t really feel like Christmas to most of us, until today. I don’t think any of us realised how much we were going to miss Iona. It was sad to think about how this was meant to be her first Christmas…….

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