Posted by: Chris Hoskins | January 14, 2009

Blackberry Blogging

Just before Christmas I got a new phone, a blackberry bold, its awesome. I’m not writing this so I can brag about it, this is a test to see how well it works for blogging.
Seems like it will be just fine. It only does the basics, I’m not sure how to add links this way or how to add photos, but I can always do that afterwards if I save things as drafts!
Basically, it seems my blogging opportunities have been expanded muchos!
I’m trying to learn some new photography techniques, yesterday I started teaching myself how to take photos of moving water so that you get that misty, ethereal kind of effect. I’m quite chuffed with the outcomes so far!
My next technique to learn is moonshots. Usually when I take photos of the moon it comes out as a shimmery blob in the sky. Thanks to my friends Stewart Cutler and Lizzie Sharp, I have some tips and tricks on how to do so. When I get to a computer I’ll put up some examples and how I took them.
I’m currently sitting on a train on my way to a meeting in Dunblane where a small group of us are getting together to discuss Youth Ministry in the Church of Scotland. Should be an interesting meeting, hopefully with some good outcomes!
It’s quite gutting that I have to get the train at 530am to get to a 10am meeting, the joys of living in Aberdeen!
I’m also trying out my new mp3 player for the first time since Linda gave me it for Christmas, sound quality is great, capacity is great, only issue is that it seems to have downloaded every single sound file on the computer except the music files kept in itunes, for some reason it downloaded all the podcasts I have. Wierd.
Anyway, I suspect this post is nothing more than the 6am ramblings of a tired man, so I’ll head of and let you read something sensible elsewhere!

Peace out



  1. Paul has found that photography magazines are great for learning tips and tricks and suggesting projects to try – I think he likes Practical Photography and Digital Photography best 🙂

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