Posted by: Chris Hoskins | January 17, 2009


So, I’ve decided i’m going to start using this blog to share some of my photography work. I like to think that I’m fairly decent at it! I’m hoping to get a professional flickr account soon, until then, only those of you on facebook will be able to see everything!
I use a Fuji finepix S8000fd, an awesome camera, although i hope to migrate to a DSLR as soon as I can.
Anyway, today, Linda and I took a drive up Deeside, only as far as Glen Tanar and back, then I also went to Aberdeen beach in the hope of catching some good shots of the waves on a stormy night, let me know what you think of the results:

Glen Tanar

Glen Tanar

I used my new Gorilla tripod to put the camera as close to the water level as I could, I’m considering doing the same thing but having the tripod actually in the water when the waters a bit calmer at some point.

Rough seas at Aberdeen Bay

Rough seas at Aberdeen Bay

I really like this photo for the almost ethereal effect the water has. It comes from keeping the shutter open for 4seconds as the waves came in and out.

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