Posted by: Chris Hoskins | February 1, 2009

Football -Superbowl Sunday!!!!!

This is one of my favourite nights of the year!
It’s Superbowl Sunday!!!
Fair enough, my team, the Chicago Bears aren’t playing, but its still going to be awesome!
Many people, mostly from the UK don’t understand why I love this game so much….you can’t put it into words!
I love everything about it, maybe not how commercialised its become, but the raw passion, power, skill and intelligence needed to be a good football player.
One of the things i miss most in my life is playing football. For those of you who don’t know, I used to play QB (Quarterback), WR (Wide Receiver) and CB (Cornerback) for various teams in my teens. I miss the banter and the camaraderie. 30odd guys all banding together pushing for the same goal, all willing to do whatever it takes, to push their bodies through the limits for each other. Its just awesome……..
I could ramble on all day abut Football, about the finesse, the emotion, everything to do with it. But the Superbowls just kicked off, so I’ll stop here and enjoy the game…..

peace out



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