Posted by: Chris Hoskins | February 8, 2009

Wordle: 2nd try!

So, after seeing how small my wordle came up yesterday, I decided to repost a different one bigger, doing that meant I had to learn how to take screen shots!
Here it is:

What is Freedom Wordle

What is Freedom Wordle



  1. Hi Chris
    I used wordle as a background slide last month but I did the ‘Print to Onenote’ option in ‘Print’ (dont know if you have that) I then cut and pasted to paint and was then able to save as a jpeg. That way I was able to avoid the windows bar appearing. that said you could print screen and then paste to paint that way.

    Or you could print it and then scan it.

    Hope that is a helps – but do love your words!!

  2. Cheers Shuna, it wasn’t until after I posted this that I realised I’d forgotten to crop the picture, amatuer mistake!!

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