Posted by: Chris Hoskins | February 11, 2009

Music that cheers….and Star Trek

So the other night, Linda was out and I was feeling a wee bit down. There had been a wee bit of banter on twitter and with Ann, my mother in law, about Star Trek over the weekend, so I decided to watch ‘Star Trek Insurrection’ the 9th Trek film. As I watched it, I remembered how much I love the Music from Star Trek, especially the Main Title themes from First contact and Insurrection. You should all remember at this point that, despite how I may look, I am a geek at heart! When I was growing up, me and my Dad had a weekly ritual of watching Star Trek, the next generation, Deep Space nine and voyager, and so the music became a part of my childhood. Since watching the movie, I’ve listened to all the Star Trek music I have on itunes and CD (I told you, I’m a geek!). I just find it suits my mood, whatever it is! If I’m feeling down it has a mournful edge to it, if I’m feeling placid it has a calming edge to it, and if i’m annoyed or angry that calming edge helps to soothe me! (what do I sound like!?)

Anyway, listening to all this orchestral music started me thinking back to High School, where I was really quite musical, I played the trombone , the drums and the carillon (church bells set to levers instead of ropes so you can play tunes on them, there aren’t many working Carillons in the UK, let alone Scotland, I was quite lucky to be at a Church with a working set). I played in the brass band, orchestra, drums for the woodwind group, the local Wind band and ‘sang’ in the choir (I was also in various school shows). I loved being a part of the musical side of things at high school. i’m not very good at expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions. But music has always had a resonance with me that helps me to think more calmly or express ho I’m feeling. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences with music. I do miss playing regularly, especially my trombone, something I’d like to pick up on again at somepoint.

I used to go to tons of concerts, with school and on my own (or with a parent if I could convince one to come!). My favourite orchestral sounds have always been: Trombones playing bold, deep notes; any Oboe piece, I love the sound of the Oboe; French horns playing and Timpani……

….I think i’m going to be on an orchestral music kick for the next few weeks, away goes the rock, rap and hip hop, out comes the Jerry Goldsmith and the like!

Here are youtube version clips of my 2 favourite Star Trek themes, they are my favourite orchestral pieces after all!!

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: Insurrection ‘Ba’Ku Village’


  1. this made me happy. 🙂

  2. “despite how I may look, I am a geek at heart”

    Who ever said you don’t look like a geek?? 😉

    Loving all the music chat … you should get back in to that! I’m really enjoying being in a local musical, takes me back to my musical roots!

  3. Hey! I’ll get you Murray!
    I’d love to get back into it all, just a matter of time and opportunity!

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