Posted by: Chris Hoskins | February 16, 2009

Memories of Uni……

I’m having a wee bit of a nostalgic moment. I’m sitting in Rainy Hall, the canteen/ common room in New College, where I studied from 2001-2005.
I spent many hours in this hall chatting to friends and classmates. I went to many a ceilidh here too.
Being here brings back all my memories from uni. Not being the most academically minded I found a course that was 75% reading quite challenging! It was still awesome though.
I remember at Christmas in 2nd year, I spent a whole day sitting in rainy hall just sitting chatting. It was just before we broke for Christmas and me and Mark Hughes (who was Best Man at our wedding) discovered they were selling mulled wine in the canteen. So we spent the day enjoying that while chatting to each other and anyone else who came in!
There was always an awesome community spirit about New College, not everyone wanted to be a part of that, but those of us who did always remember it fondly!
Rainy Hall reminds me of the great hall in Hogwartsm it doesn’t have the awesome ceiling, house elves or massiveness, but it has that kind of medieval feel to it. A beautifully intricately carved roof as well as mini ‘chadeliers’ and many coats of arms around the wall.
At uni I was treasurer of the New College students association. As well as being a part of the committee, I was part of the social group. Which involved planning ceilidhs and balls and decorating New College at Christmas. That was always awesome fun, we had a huge tree that went up in rainy hall, the stand was broken so every year we had to improvise a stand for it!
I know I’m probrably boring you at this point, but I’ll keep going anyway!
As well as being home to many uni memories, New College is the home of many other memories. New College serves as part of the home of the General assembly of the Church of Scotland every May. An event I have been a youth rep at 5 times since 2001. I love going to GA. It can be dull, it can be nitpicky, but there’s still a great atmosphere about the place.
If you ever get the chance to come to New College, even just to look round, take it!
That’ll do for now.
Peace our


  1. I LOVE the Rainy! And I haven’t even studied at New College!

  2. I love my school.

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