Posted by: Chris Hoskins | March 3, 2009

Greatest weakness in the Church?

While reading through the blogs I follow on my RSS feed, I came across this interesting snippet:
Full credit for this goes to Terrace Crawford
His blog post is short and sweet, but definetly worth a read and think….the quote specifically talks about the North American Church, but is it relevant for the UK Church?

The Greatest Weakness in the Church


  1. Aye aye Christophe I do believe it is- whether the biggest issue who know, it still is very much an issue.

    We seem to aspire more to be a tidy and respectable church, God forbid if we were a collection of mad, bad and worryingly clumsy group of Christ-followers.

    I think this is the source of much of the hurt that people have within the church, and can ultimatley end their time wanting to be part of church.

  2. I think that is true for America and Australia (where I live). I think it comes down to community – if you are truely a community then you show your real self – community comes through hardship or common mission or purpose – until the church goes through hard times or gets behind a strong vision we will always struggle with just turning up with our masks on.

    Bless ya – loved reading your blog.


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