Posted by: Chris Hoskins | March 19, 2009

365 Project – 78/365 (RIP S8000fd)

On Tuesday my trusted camera, an S800fd fuji model stopped working. I was gutted. I’ve been struggling with various things over the last few years and photography has become my main release and escape. i am getting it replaced, unfortunatly not under warranty! In the meantime Linda is letting me use her wee point and shoot, which feels kinda wierd! The zoom decided to stop working (minutes after I took that picture of the basketball on Monday) and trying to shift it just resulted in a horrible grinding noise!
Anyway, todays 365, which also makrs me getting upto date putting them on my blog is a photo on my now defunct camera.



  1. Sorry to hear, always sad to hear about a soldier going down. R.I.P. It’s funny how cameras become an extension to our bodies and when we lose one, its like losing an appendage. Except for the great fact that we can just go out and buy a new one. I hope your new appendage serves you well!

  2. That is too bad.I can’t imagine my life without my camera…

  3. That sucks. Hope you get it back soon.


  4. thanks for all the comments on this!
    Thankfully my replacement camera is now here, woohoo!
    Back on with the project

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