Posted by: Chris Hoskins | March 21, 2009

One of the Joys of Youth Ministry…

I’m sitting on a hard concrete floor at the AECC (Aberdeen conference centre). I’m here with the youth group from Portlethen to take part in the Aberdeen Cyrenians sponsored sleepout.
Its a good event that regularly raises thousands for work with the homeless in Aberdeen, and keeps multiple youth ministers/workers an teachers up all night trying to keep an eye on the young folks with us!
The youth here with me have decided to sit next to one of the doors leading to the outside where it is even colder than the ice box of a corner I’m in! They’re there because they think its the funnest, coolest place to be!? I’m so glad you don’t have to understand young folks 100% to serve in Youth Ministry!
Its really nice watching and listening to them enthuse to their friends from school about what they do at youth group and when they help lead a monthly service at Portlethen Church. Makes all the associated nonsense of working for a Church almost disappear!
I’m really chuffed about where the youth group is spiritually, they all seem to have such a longing to explore their faith and find out more about the Good News of Jesus and the story of the Church, even though some weeks they’re more interested in playing hide and seek!
Another great thing about the sleepout is that the local High School have brought a group too, which provides a perfect opportunity to get to know some pupils and staff that wee bit better. Its always heartwarming when they remember you from a class you’ve done or an assembly, or some of the detached stuff.
I also met one of my friends, Averil Nisbet, who is doing the sleepout with some friends from Church. They’re doing it hardcore though, outside with only cardboard and newspaper, compared with my relative luxury with a roof, sleeping bag and beanbag! I’ve taken a few photos of the event, which I’ll put up when I get to my laptop!

Peace Out



  1. Chris the day you take a FEW photos is a day on which I will be eating my hat!

    But great stuff, I’m glad things like this are eclipsing the mess of working for the Church. Love to you!

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