Posted by: Chris Hoskins | April 14, 2009

365 Project – 103/365


This is without doubt NOT the best quality picture I’ve ever taken, but it really shows of the zoom capabilities of the S8100fd. This is a picutre of Linlithgow Palace and St Michaels Parish Church. The photo was taken from my parents house in Hallglen, Falkirk. Thats a distance of 6.77 miles ( as demonstrated on the Google Earth Image below). What I do like about my capture of this shot is that I took it by hand, I’m quite proud that I was able to keep the camera still enough to take the photo as well framed as it is.
The total zoom was 18x optical with a 5.7x digital zoom on top of that. The use of the digital zoom is why the photo looks so wierd.


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