Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 1, 2009

365 Project – 111-122/365

Once more I’ve let my blogging slip, instead of doing individual posts for each missed day, I’d put them all into one post.

111/365 I love this photo! The shot was looking good when the Heron was just sitting there with its reflection perfect in the water. Then Timmy, the dog I was walking, deciding to chase it, just as I pressed the shutter it decided to fly off, just goes to show how much lick plays a part in photography!

112/365 Timmy, the dog (obviously!) taking a wee swim on a gorgeous day!!

113/365 Took this shot as I was on the bus to Edinburgh airport to catch the plane to Bournemouth for my masters course, took 7 attempts to get a shot with the plane in it!

114/365 The weather was gorgeous when I was down for my course, so we spent one afternoon sitting out on the grass chatting over various things! As we were sitting, myself and Wayne noticed this jet flying about, quite a cool shot eh?

115/365 Had to spend ages waiting at Bournemouth airport to get my flight home, its not the most exciting airport in the world! There was a gorgeous sunset though, which I thought looked quite cool reflected on the side of the plane

116/365 Yes, this shot is overexposed, the ksy looks horribly white. But it had to be to get a decent shot of the buildings. This is one of my favourite views in any city. I’ve spent so much time on that hill, The Mound. You can glimpse New College, where I studied for years. Its also where the General Assembly is held. That building has, and always will be, a huge part of my life.

117/365 Since getting into photoraphy seriously over the last year or so, I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of the beach at Aberdeen. So I thought it was about time I started playing around with perspectives and colours, I quite like this black and white number!

118/365 Linda and I met Jonnie and Susie in Elgin on Saturday, East Stirlingshire FC were playing Elgin City FC in the Scottish 3rd Division, not the highest quality game, but Jonnie, my brother in law, is a big East Stirlingshire fan. They are also one of the teams that play within 10 minutes of my parents house. It was quite an entertaining match, gave me a chance to try out lots of photography techniques. Also, East Stirlingshires number 11 (in the red) is a guy called Andy Rodgers, one of the guys I went to school with.

119/365 Every month, on the last Sunday of the month, I take an evening service. we’ve just started to do the services in a cafe style, we’re going through the Alpha material. We thought it’d be a good opportunity to use our COSY Coffeehouse pack, looks good eh?

120/365 Thought I’d go for that ‘down the post’ perspective again, this time with a bit more control over exposure and doing it in colour!

121/365 for some reason I didn’t tae any photos yesterday, hmm?

122/365 There were loads of these birds in our garden for ages today, they didn’t even fly away when I opened the window loudly just feet away from them

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