Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 2, 2009

What makes it worthwhile?

Britains got Talent, one of many reality TV shows we can choose to watch. I hate them, as a general rule I hate reality TV shows. They’re annoying, gimmicky, not real, full of muppets who want fame in return for nothing really worthwhile. This 6:19 clip is one of the few true gems from Britains got Talent. You get so much rubbish on there, compared with so little true talent. Jamie Pugh is one of those people with true talent. What he doesn’t have is the self-belief to go with it. His voice is fantastic, but what made me pause my PS2 game and watch this was how much just singing in front of the crowd meant to him. He wasn’t focusing on the £1,000,000 prize money or the chance to perfrom in front of the Queen, he was focusing on getting over his severe stage fright. I was really touched by the crowds reaction to him and by the way the judges spoke to him and what they had to say. It was nice to see them building up someone with an amazing talent and no self confidence, taking the time to assure him that he DID do a great job. Kinda restores my faith in people a little.

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