Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 14, 2009

Star Trek

Last night, Linda and I went to see the new Star Trek film. Getting Linda to go was definetely a victory for J.J. Abrams! Linda’s never been a Sci-Fi, or more specifically a Star Trek, Fan! I however have been a trekkie for a good 15 years now! And have grown up watching it all my life!
If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see that my status reads (at time of posting this) ‘Chris loved the new Star Trek film!’. I did think it was pretty awesome! Don’t worry, I won’t give away enough plot to ruin it. What I especially liked about the film, was how the characters reained enough of the original representations, but were made ‘their own’ by the new actors.
The way the characters were introduced was perfect, for each one. I thought that Karl Urban did a fantastic job as Bones! Pine was great as Kirk, Quinto was great as Spock, all the main characters (Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and Pike) were portrayed fantiscally and faithfully to the Star Trek Canon.
I enjoyed the wierd paradox between the Spock we all know and love, and the new Spock.
Nero, the ‘villain’ in the story, didn’t really play that much of an important role overall. I heard some people complaining that he didn’t feature that much, but did he have too? For me, the film was about the formation of the relationships between all the classic Star Trek characters. sure, they needed a furnace in which to meld together, but which particular furnace wasn’t really that important!
I loved how they managed to link this film in with eveything that happened throughout the original series, the other films, TNG, DS9 and voyager by slipping in the old Spock and a wee bit of time travel.
I look forward to the sequels to this prequel, Star Trek just got a makeover, and she’s looking beautiful again!
Peace out, sorry,
Live long and Prosper!


  1. I also saw it last night (Orange Wednesdays are great!) and thought it was excellent. In addition to the points you mention I liked how the characters eventually became like the originals but started somewhere different, giving a new (while still plausible) backstory for them. Also the references to previous stories were great because they were done so knowingly and with great humour. Particular mention also to Chekov and Scottie’s accents (Wulcan!)

  2. Yeeese! Love, love, love this film! It also made me cry, although I cry at a LOT of films.
    Thought McCoy was amazing too!
    I can only do a left handed Spock “V”, it’s a little distressing. My right hand is going into training.

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