Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 15, 2009

Church of Scotland and Social Media

I got an email a few minutes ago asking me if i would be happy to speak to a reporter about this press release from the Church of Scotland. (Yes, yes, I know i’m a little bit smug, but I’m excited about it!)

It started me thinking, other than a (IMHO) very tricky website to manouvre, there isn’t much of a ‘National’ Church of Scotland online presence. Does there have to be? How vital is it that individual Churches have a website? I know that, for me, whether or not a Church has some form of online presence is an indicator of where the Church is in its journey as a faith community, that is at least my experience of Churches, you may disagree?

There are multiple ‘unofficial’ CofS group set up on Facebook, and the Mission and Discipleship Council have just launched their Youtube page and the current moderator has a weekly blog although I’m disappointed in the lack of RSS feed coming from it! Sanctuary First is an exciting initiative some people I know have been talking about too.

What more could the CofS be doing online? Anything? Could Twitter be utilised by them? Could they use networks such as Bebo and Facebook more effectively?

Iain McLarty posted a blog post a few months ago with the Deliverances that came out of the Youth Assembly last September, The 2nd section is what the NYA had to say about the Church and media.


  1. I got the feeling that the thrust of the NYA deliverences and discussion was to encourage the ‘National’ Church to help every local church establish an online presence.

    At present the CofS doesn’t allow Councils to have their own sites. No ‘brands’ allowed. NYA isn’t allowed its own site. COSY isn’t allowed it’s own site. That limits the ways in which people can interact because the CofS doesn’t understand that people don’t want to interact with static, out of date websites. They want to discuss, share, link, download, upload and all that web2.0 stuff.

    The CofS provides no support or training for website design or building. You’d think that Mission and Discipleship would be on the case…

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