Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 21, 2009

Church of Scotland General Assembly

I’m a youth representative at the Church of Scotland General Assembly (GA) this year. This will be the 6th and final time I come as a youth rep. I’ve always found GA to be an inspiring week. I love the passion that often comes out, hearing about stuff the Church is involved in, having an opportunity to take part in debates concerning the future of the church…..I love so much about this week. The way the youth reps as a group bond is awesome, I’ve never been in a group where there were any major fallouts between youth reps, despite vastly different people having so many vastly different opinions.
I’m excited for this year. We all met together in person for the first time last night, and we seem to be getting off to a good start as a group! There’s a great mix of people, theologies, personalities, oldies and newbies. It’s awesome. Definitely a place where friendships are forged and strengthened. Today is the first day of official business, so should be interesting. I’m hoping to put out at least one post a day on my blog talking about things that are happening here, and I shall be on twitter where you can follow the GA by using and searching for #GA2009. You can also watch it live online here.
Pray for the assembly, that Gods will prevails, that Grace prevails, that respect prevails.
Some words that describe how I feel being back here at the GA:


At our evening worship session, Mark Cameron was challenging us to think about ‘why’ we are here. What is it God has in store for us this week? For me, I think it will be a place of healing, healing from some of the things I haven’t let go of from the past few years. I also think it will be a place and a time of being inspired, or perhaps RE-inspired in how I perceive the Church, locally, nationally and globally. I hope I’ll be able to offer some wisdom I may have gleaned from my previous experience at assembly and be able to share it with the youth reps. I hope I’ll be able to form good relationships with the group as well, and strengthen old friendships. I hope to contribute something meaningful to the assembly. Whether it’s through something I say in assembly or to someone else who then speaks at assembly.

Peace Out

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