Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 21, 2009

General Assembly, Day1 so far!

We’re approaching the end of the first day of proceedings at the 2009 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Been quite a good day so far! Very Rev David Lunan was a great Moderator, so far Right Rev Bill Hewitt looks like being the best Moderator I’ve seen at Assembly ever! He Rocks!! He knows exactly whats going on and what should go on, he’s direct, doesn’t let people witter on unnecesarily!
Every year I’ve been at GA Bill Hewitt has had an official role, and I commented to him last year that, if I were to come back this year, it would be weird him not being involved, so I’m ecstatic that he’s the Mod! When he was convenor of the business committee he was just as efficient, it’ll be a great year of mod-ship!
As always, the worship was fantastic, I love the sound of almost 1000 voices singing unaccompanied!
I’m never a fan of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event, but it is almost nice, in a weird way!
Most of this morning was taken up by ceremony, or by some of the arrangements for the business of assembly, there was some controversy about exactly how things will happen in what order on Saturday night, but not as controversial as Saturday will be!
Council of assembly was quite interesting. I took some notes, I figured if you wanted more than my take on a few things you could check out the news feed, webcast or minutes!!
We’ve been promised that the website is under review and should be improved within the next year. What that actually means is anyones guess! I’ll believe it when I see it! Just call me Thomas!!!
THere was a lot of debate around the issue of the governance of the Church of Scotland Councils and committees from a charity trustee point of view. Dr Alison Elliot and Rev Bryan Kerr spoke some good sense into the debate and Dr Elliot had a counter motion passed asking for some time to allow the Church to review the issue properly. It did amuse me that, in true Church of Scotland style, a committee was appointed to review a part of another committees report! Awesome!!
I love the people you meet at GA, such a mix! So far I’ve met my old P4 teacher(who still calls me ‘Christopher’), a random group of schoolkids and Teachers from Portlethen staying in the same hotel as us, 3 of my ex-ministers from Falkirk, many many old friends, 1 future colleague, and old BB officer and a few people who’ve inspired me over the years!!
Let me share some of the comedy moments that we always look out for!
First person to forget their card and leave it in the mic machine: Dr Allison Elliot
First person to be ‘buzzed’ in warning that they are in danger of speaking to long(too much?): Bryan Kerr
And Allison Elliot had a cracking quote: ‘this assembly is reeking of charity trustees’! Fantastic!
Looking forward to prepping for the church and society debate tonight, should be interesting, myself and some of the people I’m friends with helped to put together part of the church and society debate, the report titled ‘growing up in Scotland’. Will be interesting to see how that goes across……


  1. Good summary Chris. Been following online. It’ll be interesting to see how the week progresses after the positioning of today.

    Too funny that Bryan was buzzed. What a surprise!!!

  2. i enjoyed “a shining star not just in the constellation of the church, but in the galaxy of scotland.”

  3. Great blog, i’m new to wordpress and was searching other blogs that glorify God with there writings. I recently started an evangelical ministry where i live in South Florida, so its refreshing to see the Lord doing a mighty work all the way in Scotland. Praise be to Him! Feel free to check out my blog, any advise would help. God Bless!

    Ambassador of Truth!
    Phil 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

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