Posted by: Chris Hoskins | May 22, 2009

Being a Youth Rep at General Assembly

A large part of the General Assembly experience as a youth representative is the ‘community’ that is built around the group of youth delegates throughout the week. We o have an advantage over most other delegates in this area in that we all stay together in the same accommodation and share time of worship, fellowship and preparation for the upcoming debates.
The time of preparation for debates means that youth reps are well prepared for most of the major debates over the course of the week, and that we have often had the major debates amongst the group before they happen in the assembly. It gives us more time to think our opinions, questions etc through before we stand up in front of assembly. The prep sessions we are are by no means definitive on every topic, but it does give us the chance o explore some of the major issues before they come up in assembly; so that we at the very least have an understanding of what the focus of the debate on a particular topic may be.
The worship we enjoy together has been awesome every year I’ve been a youth rep. This year it is led by Mark Cameron, an amazing man after Gods own heart. His passion to help others connect with God is incredible. Just being around him is an inspiring experience! Tonight he led a worship session asking what new things we learned today; about ourselves, the Church and God. So what did I learn?
Myself: I’ve been struggling with my confidence recently, due to a variety of circumstances, but through some other circumstance I have found myself in, I have been noticing that confidence coming back, slowly but surely. I learned that about myself today, I feel that I carry myself more confidently in discussions with other Youth reps than I may have done under different circumstances. I’m not as scared to voice my opinions, or defend friends, on controversial issues. I’ve also noticed today some aspect of leadership come out in me. I’m sure I have a calling to leadership on my life, but I sometimes doubt/question it, due to issues with self-confidence, it was nice (and hopefully not too arrogant!) to actual realise today when I was displaying some leadership skills!

God: What new thing did I learn about God today? I’m not sure! One thing I’ve been thinking about is how God is faithful to his promises and that, just because I’m not necessarily aware of his presence and influence in/on my life, it doesn’t mean he’s not there! I hope I can learn to hold onto this realisation in future hard times!

Church: What did I learn new about the Church? I’m not sure its new, but my perception that the Church will polarise over most any issue was strengthened by some of the comments I heard today, in assembly proceedings and in private conversation!

The fellowship amongst this group of youth reps is, as always with youth reps, awesome! Almost everyone seems quite willing to step past their self set boundaries and comfort zones, in order to meet and get to know those they are spending the week with. This fellowship ranges from eating breakfast together, to joking with each other to spending time debating issues over a pint together!
I couldn’t imagine being at GA not as a Youth rep, the experience is just so awesome. If you ever have the opportunity to go to GA, especially as a youth rep, do it!

On a very bizarre side note, some of us enjoyed a haggis and cactus pizza tonight, it was actually rather good!


  1. Im so encouraged to read this Chris. You are such a man of God and i’m honoured to be part of that, especially right

  2. I’m glad your gaining some more self confidence! I didn’t get to talk to you much over the week but you seem to be an incredibly nice guy and I can definately see you becoming a leader-type person!

    Bless you.

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