Posted by: Chris Hoskins | June 13, 2009

Did you get yours?

I’m sure many of you, if you are facebook users, have heard the hype over the last few days about facebook launching usernames. Apparently half a million people registered usernames in the first 15 minutes! I wonder how many of them stayed up all night o got up early just to do that? Did you get yours? I got mine, they don’t seem to have done it as sensibly as they could have though, or is it jut me?
I registered my username as though quickly discovered that, if you type in it will take you to my homepage anyway! Not much difference? Sure, only the period is missing in the second address, but surely if they made it able to differentiate usernames with the period, more people could get a username that they wanted? It may be small and insignificant, but oh well, I’m bringing it up anyway! A quick search on facebook shows that there are 145 people that share the name Chris Hoskins (most of them live in the US, where the usernames came online at a decentish hour, so I’m not sure how chris.hoskins was still free when I went online this morning!) and without the ability to differentiate usernames with a period, only me out of 145 candidates can ‘have’ a username close to our full name. Although, there is the very real possibility that none of them care about it and I’m the geekiest Chris Hoskins on facebook!?
One funny story I read was that one person registered the username ‘username’, making their facebook URL ‘’ how that worked I don’t know, with all of the names that were blocked and pre-registered you think they would have made sure that name couldn’t be taken! (This may just be an myth born overnight that I’m falling for, but I’m willing to chance that!)
Anyhoo, if you do have any interest in it, here are some articles about the facebook username deal:
Usernames are live
Username rush imminent
Facebook may crash
Facebook celebrates



  1. yes, i got mine too. Actually I could have had either but I just went with the one most people know me as.

  2. Er, is it just me that doesn’t really understand the point of this username malarky??

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