Posted by: Chris Hoskins | June 25, 2009

RIP Michael?

As I write this, Michal Jackson may have died. I first saw the news on one of my friends status updates on Facebook, since then it seems to be firing round everyone, twitter is repeatedly overloaded, I suspect because many people sharing the news with each other. Those who have shared it on Facebook are seeing many people commenting on it. Everyone seems to be in shock; there’s so much disbelief about the idea. TMZ first reported it, now CNN, Sky and the associated press are trying to confirm it, so far the only ones other than TMZ to confirm it are OK! magazine and the LA times.

If it is true, its a loss to the music world. Sure, he’s had his crazy antics, but his legacy will and should be his music. His music was so popular, who can forget ‘Billy Jean’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’ and countless more hits? His music inspired so many, one of my memories of primary school was performing in a drama class to ‘Thriller’, dressed up as Zombies and all sorts!

It’s quite sad that already, before its even confirmed, there are cruel, sick jokes going around about his death, whats wrong with people? If you didn’t like or respect him as a person or a musician, respect the fact that others do have that love and respect for him, respect the fact that he has a family who are going to be hurting!

I’m watching Sky news as I write this, as well as following various Facebook updates and those I follow on Twitter(when it doesn’t crash!). The big news agencies now seem to be confirming that he has in fact died. I’ll be praying for his family and friends, no death of a close friend/ relative is easy. If you are a person of faith, please pary for his family too, especially his kids…..

Peace Out

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