Posted by: Chris Hoskins | July 15, 2009

He was there

I cam across this piece when I was clearing out my office, not sure if its a prayer/poem or song, could be any of them. I can’t remember where I first heard/ read it, or why I was given a copy. All I know is that it is originally by a guy called Neil Hawkins from Liverpool. I’ll let it talk for itself now:

Jesus heard you when you prayed last night,
He talked with God about you;
Jesus was there when you fought that fight,
He is going to bring you through.

Jesus knew when you shed those tears,
But you did not weep alone,
For the burden you thought was too heavy to bear,
He made his very own.

Jesus himself was touched by that trial,
Which you could not understand;
Jesus stood by as you almost fell,
And lovingly grasped your hand.

Jesus cared when you bore that pain,
Indeed he bore it too;
He felt each pang, each ache in your heart,
Because of his love for you.

Jesus was grieved when you doubted his love,
But he gave you grace to go on,
Jesus rejoiced as you trusted in him,
The only trustworthy one.

His presence shall ever be with you,
No need to be anxious or fret,
Wonderful Lord! He was there all the time,
He has never forsaken you.

Neil Hawkins,


  1. Chris – that is lovely – will add it to my collection of inspirational words. Thanks for sharing!

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