Posted by: Chris Hoskins | August 6, 2009

Reflecting on my first few days…..

Day 3 as projects director at Blue Horizon. Had a great moment today where I thought to myself ‘I can do this job!’ I’ve had a few moments over the last few months where I’ve been thinking ‘Can I do this? Do I really have what it takes? Am I organised enough? Are the skills there in me to do this?’ Lots of self doubt about my ability to do this job. I still feel slightly overwhelmed, but then there is a lot to take in. And my plan to cope with that seems to be working, breaking it all up into small chunks and focusing on 1 part at a time. If I try and figure it all out in one go in my first week I’m doomed to failure. I’m just taking each section and each day as it comes and taking time every day to reflect on what new stuff has come to light during the day and figuring out how it all fits together! I’m sure some of the staff must think I’m doing nothing at times as I sit with my brow furled trying to fit the jigsaw together in my head!
I’m having a great time though. The staff who I’ve met so far (4/5) are awesome, fun, friendly, hard working and making me feel very welcome and at home! I’ve yet to meet most of the board, but I’m assured they’re great. I know all 3 ministers connected to the charity and they’re all quite sound!
The thing I’m loving most about this job is that I’m in an office with people. So much of my time in my last 2 jobs was spent sitting by myself in an office reading, researching, planning and emailing. I’m very much a people person, I thrive when I’m around others, it gives me so much energy to be with others.
The work being done by Blue Horizon and its staff and volunteers sounds incredible. I’ll be writing about that at somepoint in the future. If you’re ever in Aberdeen and want to swing by the office and find out a bit more about the work, or if you want to meet for a coffee to hear about the work just fire me a message through whatever contact details you have for me, whether its a message hear, facebooking me, a tweet, a text whatever. You’re all more than welcome to pop up and visit!
Peace Out




  1. You CAN do it!

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