Posted by: Chris Hoskins | September 4, 2009

Once more into the breach…

Today is the day!

The Church of Scotland National Youth Assembly starts today! As I’ve previously blogged, this is an awesome event! Close to 300 young Christians from around Scotland will be gathering in Stirling as of this afternoon to spend a weekend together exploring what it means to be Christian in Scotland in the 21st century and how we interact with the rest of the body of Christ.

There is so much going on this weekend, I can’t begin to describe it all! I’m excited about my contribution, I’m away to go for breakfast so can’t describe it all fully just now. But basically, I’m serving NYA with 3 of my greatest passions this weekend: I’m leading 9 hours of sporting activities over the weekend, I’m doing a session called ‘worship through a lens’ and I@m part of a team blogging and twittering about the weekend. It’s great to be able to use my passion to serve a community that has given so much to me over the years!

Must dash, food calls!

Peace out

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