Posted by: Chris Hoskins | September 5, 2009

NYA2009 so far

NYA has been pretty awesome so far.
It’s slightly bizarre thatm after being hosted by the Apex hotel in Dundee for 6 years, we’re in a sprawling University campus in Stirling. Usually everyone would be on top of one another, everything would happen within 2 minutes walk of each other. Instead, there is a good 10 minute walk from Accomodation to many of the places we are using, not much, but it gives you an idea of how much bigger the space we have is.
Usually, where I would sit during NYA to relax and reflect would be filled with 300 other NYA delegates and staff trying to catch up with friends, make new ones or refelcet on happenings as well. Instead, I find myself just now reflecting in a huge lobby, that is silent apart from the A.C. It’s wierd. But I quite like the silence.
I’m posting a wee bit on the NYA2009 blog aboutgeneral happenings etc, but on here I wanted to be selfish and reflect on the parts of the weekend that I’ve been directly involved with so far, specifically the social media aspects, sport, a worship session and relationships.
As I previously blogged, i’m delighted this year to serve the NYA through 3 mediums I’m passionate about: Sport, photography and social media.
I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the social media side of things, wandering around talking to people about their impressions of the weekend and what they have enjoyed so far, we’re hoping to put together a blog post and a video of such thoughts before the end of the weekend.
Sport, I love sport, today we had 3 hours of sport: Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton and Golf. Everyone seemed to have a good time and there was some good banter going around, i’ve always maintained that sports are great for people getting to know one another…a great tool for Youth Ministry.
Photography. Today I led a worship session exploring the idea of worshipping or praying, using a camera as a medium. It’s been interesting preparing that slot, exlporing within myslef what worship is, how I worship, what prayer is, how I pray, does photojournalism inform this idea of worshipping through a lens? Later I’ll write a blog post about that session, would be good to get some feedback on my thoughts!
Tonight we’re having a bit of a fancy meal and a fun presentation ceremony, will be a good night, I’m sure I heard mention of a ceildih and a Jazz band!!!
I’m loving being a part of NYA2009, its one of those events where I can’t wait for it to happen, but at the same time I don’t want it to end!!!
I had some good chat last night as a part of my role as a ‘Houseparent’. Chatting to some folks about what NYA means to them and how it has influenced their lives. The number of young people, myself included, who have been so positively influenced by this event is astounding. Without doubt, the long lasting legacy of NYA will be a long list of lives changed for the better, people inspired and enabled to serve God.

Peace Out

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