Posted by: Chris Hoskins | September 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary my amazing wife!

Today Linda and I are celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary! Yay!
So I thought that I would dedicate my blog post today to her. Yes, yes, it may get soppy, but thats ok!
We’ve been together as a couple for just over 6 years, we got married young (I was 21, she was 19) but there’s no point hanging around when you know you’ve met the right person!
The last 4 years (as a couple) have been awesome, which has made the difficult stuff going on around us that bit easier to bear. Without Linda I’m sure I wouldn’t have coped so well the last few years.
It’s an amazing privilege to be married to Linda, I couldn’t have a better wife!
She has a remarkable gift for putting up with all my bad habits, and I have no idea where she gets the patience to put up with all my daft ideas!
So happy anniversary Linda (Yes people, I did get her a present!) here’s to many more happy years!


  1. Big congrats to you both!!

  2. aww honey! that’s so sweet. yes, I am quite remarkable now that you mention it………teehee…..oh and thanks again for the present!LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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