Posted by: Chris Hoskins | October 16, 2009

Aberdeen Youth/ Family/ Childrens ministry network first meeting

On Wednesday, the new Aberdeen Family, Youth and Childrens ministry network met for the first time.
It was a successful meeting. Our aims are purely to meet together regularly to pray together, share what is happening in the ministries we’re involved in, any issues we need help with/ want to share with others and generally just support each other!
There were 7 of us there on Wed, although there are a number of others we know of who couldn’t make it. If you are involved in any of the relevant ministries in Aberdeen or the surrounding area or know of anyone who could benefit from this network then drop me a line as a comment at the end of this blog and we’ll get you them in the loop. We’ve set up an online network page using Ning, although it is a closed group, so an invite is necessary to join the group.
Tony and I are quite excited about the potential of this network and for the blessing it can be for those involved in these areas of ministry.
For me, the drive to set up this network comes as a response to a lot of the stuff that I have witnessed/ experienced over the last 9 years being involved in Youth ministry, but especially the last 4 years when I’ve been employed as a full time youth worker/ pastor. If you would like to be involved in this network, that’s awesome! If you aren’t in the area, then please pray for us as we go forward with this and why not set up something similar in your own area?

We next meet on November 10th at 2:30pm, location TBD.

In the meantime, here are some photos from Wednesday:




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